27.5 carbon rims

The rims provide most of the fast acceleration and nimble feel of 26-inch mountain bicycle rims. But with the extra stability, smoother feel, and enhanced traction of 29inch rim. Compared with 29er carbon rims, the 27.5 mtb carbon rims are more suitable for smaller riders.

The 650b carbon rims are very popular in the mountain biking discipline! 27.5er MTB carbon rims provide an ideal compromise between 26 inch and 29 inch carbon rims for many riders.

For gravel riders, the high volume tires associated with 27.5 carbon rims allow for lower air pressure.

In turn, this also increases the riding comfort. Because the depth of the tire sidewall and the overall tire volume absorb some bumps on the road without reverberating into the rider’s body.

Besides, the rims also enable riders to use high-capacity tires without adversely affecting the geometry or handling of the frame.

How to choose the suitable 27.5 carbon rims ?

However, the key is the terrain you are riding and how much you importance you place on the other benefits of 27.5er carbon wheels.
The 700C set up wheels may work for you well. If you are a gravel rider who actually spends most of the time on the road and occasionally ventures to the flat trails! Similarly ,a high volume 27.5 inch carbon wheels may be more suitable for you. If you take your bike to rough bridleways or borderline mountain bike trails.

Ultimately, choosing between 650b/27.5 and 29 inch carbon rims depends on the rider’s demands!