29 carbon rims

29 carbon fiber rims is a new pedigree of mountain bikes. Which is different from the 26 inch carbon wheel diameter of traditional bicycles. 29er mtb carbon rims adopt a 29-inch design and brings many exciting new features! And, some people may think that these “big wheels” are like a car that a clown rides. However, most of them have not studied in depth to get this idea!

Furthermore, carbon rims 29er is gradually becoming the mainstream of mountain bikes. Besides, many world-class drivers are using these “big wheels” to win one race after another. So, it’s time to get our attention to the 29 full fiber carbon rims.

The type and characteristic 29 carbon rims.

The mtb 29inch carbon rim have tubuless ready and hookless bead type.

The tubuless carbon mtb rim design makes the rim a better tubeless tire setting and better sealing .Moreover, it results the carbon mtb wheels super lightweight.

The carbon rims hookless have more smooth side and straight walls . And this make the tires can touch rim walls fully! Compared with the traditional hook rim, the hookless rim have more durable and impact resistance!

Carbon mtb 29 rims have symmetrical and asymmetrical. In addition, the unique asymmetric profile balances the tension of the drive and non-drive side spokes. Then it creates a more long lasting and durable mountain bike wheels.

The 29er mtb full carbon fiber rims have different deep version and depth! And it has XC, trail, enduro,downhill,plus etc. Type. Therefore, rider can choose the best suitable one according to theirs requirements!