What is carbon mtb wheel?

The best carbon mtb wheel should make your carbon bike and you perform better. Our carbon mountain bike wheel have cross country, trail, enduro, all-mountain and downhill version. This MTB carbon wheelset are lightweight, stiffness and reliable. Our mountain bike wheel have flat protection, reliability etc. features. The mtb wheel are available in 29 carbon wheels and 27.5 carbon wheels. Both of them have designed to provide you with a better riding experience.

How to choose the best suitable carbon mtb wheel?

In order to make it easier for you to choose the wheels that suit your needs, we divide the wheels into:

  • XC Carbon mountain wheel
  • Trail  Carbon mountain wheel
  • Enduro  Carbon mountain wheel
  • Downhill  Carbon mountain wheel
  • Plus Carbon mountain wheel

The main difference between Carbon XC, Trail, Enduro wheels is the number of spokes and the weight of the rims. The brands of all the components used in the carbon MTB wheels are the same. Riders can choose according to the riding scene. Carbon Enduro wheels have wider rims and higher number of spokes. This makes them slightly heavier and stronger than carbon XC wheels. Choose the style that suits your riding style, and then choose the size, 27.5 carbon rims or 29 carbon rims.

Carbon mountain bike wheels have better performance than aluminum mountain bike wheels. Which is why they are more expensive than aluminum alloy mountain bike wheels. Carbon fiber material has much better strength and extensibility. It can be seen that carbon fiber mountain bike wheels will become the mainstream wheel set in the future.