The origin of the 27.5 mtb carbon wheel.

For many years, most mountain bikers did not consider wheel size when buying bicycles. That’s because all mountain bikes are equipped with standard 26-inch wheels. Then, two wheel sizes appeared, which surpassed the 26-inch wheels to a large extent. The first appeared were 29-inch wheels (29ers). And a few years later 27.5 mtb carbon wheel (also known as 650b) wheels appeared.

What is 27.5 carbon mtb wheel?

27.5 inch is the diameter of the wheel, which makes it significantly smaller than a 29er wheel. The change in wheel size has a significant impact on the riding style and handling style of the bicycle.

The 27.5 carbon wheels are notorious for making huge compromises between agility and speed. Since the 27.5 wheels are smaller than the 29 wheels but larger than the 26 wheels, this makes this bicycle very easy to throw, accelerate and manually. It’s not that you can’t perform any of these operations on the 29er. But it is indeed easier to do it with a smaller wheel size. Bicycles built around 27.5 wheels take advantage of this size feature, by reducing the chainstay length. Then designing it around a shorter stem, and optimizing the rear suspension to make it lively and interesting.

27.5 inch carbon wheels are best for:

  • Bike park riding
  • The “Occasionally” DH racing
  • “Jibbers”
  • Rider who prefer cycling, mainly flow trails, dislike or avoid technical paths
  • It is not suitable for long-distance, epic riding or competitions. But for the riders who want to “make fun after get off work”
  • Riders who is unwilling to sacrifice processing power for higher speed/roll