What is 29 mtb carbon wheel?

The circumference of the standard 29 MTB carbon wheel is the same as that of the road bike rim. Which is the largest MTB rim size, with a BSD of 622m. Add 2.3″ tires to it, your tire tread height is 740 mm. And it will be easier to overcome obstacles in the road than any smaller wheels. Compared with standard 650B wheels and slightly larger wheels, you can get better contact surface and better carries its power.

What is the advantages of the 29 mtb carbon wheel?

The excellent rollover is what makes many mountain bikers fall in love with 29 inch carbon wheels. When you have a wheel with a relatively large diameter, the rocks and roots appear smaller and therefore roll more easily. If you often ride technical terrain, 29-inch wheels will help you cruise on it with significantly less effort.

29-inch wheels generally feel smoother because their larger tires have higher air volumes. The extra air volume provides extra suspension-some people say that riding on larger wheels feels like having an extra inch of travel.

The 29-inch wheels also have a larger contact area, which means that whether you are climbing, turning or braking, you can get more and better traction.

What is 29 carbon wheel best for:

  • Endurance racing
  • XC racing
  • Series DH, bicycle park riding
  • Riders who like speed and want to go fast when going downhills. Because that is their joy of riding.
  • Riders who is willing to sacrifice some processing power for higher speed/roll