Carbon tubeless wheels become popular.

Carbon tubeless wheels are the standard equipment for most modern mountain bikes. As well as the gravel bikes. As an alternative to clincher or tubular types, the tubeless is also becoming more and more popular. No matter in road bikes or cross-country bikes.

The advantages of using carbon wheel tubeless.

The Tubeless tires are similar to clincher tires. But depend on the air-tight seal between the bead and the rim. Besides the tubeless sealant inside the tire to maintain pressure. In addition, riders in tubeless settings can usually run less air pressure than in a clincher setting. Which improves traction and comfort. If you hit a sharp rock or go through thorns. Then the tubeless sealant can help repair small perforations by filling the holes. So this makes the tubeless wheels an ideal choice for off-road riding. In which case debris and aggressive riding can cause flattening. Moreover, the tubeless tires can use together with a standard inner tube. Especially in emergency situations,

Carbon tubeless wheels and tire systems require some technical knowledge to install and maintain. But it is feasible for most mechanics. The carbon tubeless wheel has quickly become the standard for the entire bicycle industry. This is the best choice. Because in the end, most bicycle will be tubeless carbon bikes.

Tubeless wheels and tire systems are generally lighter than similar clincher systems. Because it eliminates inner tubes. So it reduces the overall weight of the bicycle. But most important, it reduces the rotating weight on the outside of the wheel. And this can make pedaling and accelerating a little easier.