Why do the riders choose carbon tubular wheels?

The carbon tubular wheels roll smoothly and ride very fast. Unlike the carbon clincher wheels use a combination of inner tubes and tires. The tubular rim sew the inner tube into the tire and then glue it to the carbon rim. And if you want to create a set of extremely light wheels. As well as offering an unmatched riding quality. Then the tubular type is the perfect choice for you. Besides, when the speed and weight are the key considerations for you. And tubular wheels are lighter than the clincher wheels. Therefore, it is ideal for racing.

Which suit to use the carbon wheels tubular type?

The carbon tubular rim type are popular for the cyclocross racers. Because they allow much lower tire pressure for max comfort and traction. For almost riders, carbon fiber tubular wheels are not good for training. Because they are very difficult to repair if you puncture. Gluing tires in your workshop is not too difficult. But it can be a daunting and messy task for a novice mechanic.
Most riders use their clincher or tubeless wheels every day and save their tubular wheel for the racing bike day.
Finally, by eliminating the bead walls, the carbon tubular wheels are not only light than the clincher type. Which has the similar stiffness and strength. But the tubular wheels are also less likely to dent or crack on their edges. When hitting bumps with the same tire diameter and pressure.