Do you know carbon hookless wheel ?

Traditional carbon clincher rims have bead hook on the outer circumference of the rim. This type of the bead has called “hook”. It goes without saying that the “hookless rim” has removed the protrusions and replaced it with straight vertical edges.

Why are they popular

Carbon hookless wheel have been widely accepted in the mountain bike area. And it is more and more popular in the carbon grave bicycle. With the legalization of disc brakes in road races and wider rims and tires, hookless brakes have become a real choice for the road market.

What is the advantages of the carbon hookless wheel?

The carbon hookless wheelset have higher manufacturing efficiency. Since the hook requires a complicated 3-piece mold set, hook-free rims are easier to produce than hook rims.

Second, the carbon hookless rim have more durable structure. The laminated design is smoother Besides it has connected to the central channel of bead. Moreover the rim flows more smoothly and evenly. The hookless design significantly improves impact resistance.

In addition to improving the performance of the tubeless tube through the use of a hookless design, the hookless design has other benefits. Especially the aerodynamics.

Who suit the carbon fiber hooklees wheel?

If you use wider tires, lower pressure, or ride on rough roads, the carbon hookless bicycle will be an ideal choice for you. Besides, because of the greater volume and enhanced impact protection, you will have a more comfortable riding experience from the hookless benefit. So it is a perfect choice for the gravel riders and cyclocross riders.

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