What is a carbon hookless rim?

Carbon hookless rims have many claimed advantages. Which we will cover in more detail below.
The hookless rim is just a profile without bead hooks. And the protruding edges help to maintain a traditional clincher under pressure.
Conversely, hookless rims have straight, vertical sides. In fact, in the circle of wheel manufacturers, this technology is often referred to as “tubeless straight sides” or TSS.
Hookless rims have been used for mountain bikes for many years. But they are relatively new in the road world where tire pressure is usually much higher.

What is hookless carbon rims suit for?

Hookless rims are usually only suitable for tubeless tires. That is, you must use a special tubeless tire. Which has a harder bead than a traditional tubed clincher.
It is ok to use the inner tube. For example, if a puncture that the sealant will not fix. But can only use the same tire. Generally, it is unsafe to change to a standard clincher.

Are the carbon rims hookless safe or not?

On the surface, you might think that carbon hookless rims are not as safe as hooked rims. But the actual situation seems to be much more subtle.
The safety of the rim-tire interface largely depends on the tolerances of the two components. And proponents of the hookless claim it is completely safe or indeed safer than the hook. Then offers real performance advantages.
Critics believe that the switch to hookless is mainly for manufacturing considerations. Not for the benefit of the bicycle rider.

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