The carbon rims 700C have three types to choose from: carbon clincher rim, carbon tubeless rim, carbon tubular rim. If you are viewing full 700C carbon rims, these three types will be the list. Each type of the carbon rim have compatible with a specific type of tire. So this is your first decision when buying an aftermarket wheel.

Our 700C carbon rims series have carefully picked up to meet the needs of everyone from weekend enthusiasts to the most dedicated racers. We have different depth of carbon rims, 30mm 35mm 38mm 45mm 50mm 60mm 88mm carbon rim. Both of the carbon fiber rims have rim brake and disc brake versions. If you want the carbon rims for better climbing or fast acceleration, you can choose low profile, such as 30mm or 38mm carbon rim etc. For better aerodynamic, you can choose 60mm or 88mm carbon fiber rims. The high depth full carbon rims are strong and stiff. It is durable enough for road racing, triathlon, training and cross-country racing.

The lightweight carbon rims 700C material is premium Toray T700 & T800. Carbon fiber is a very light, hard and strong material. So this material makes the rim lightweight but in high stiffness. The braking surface material is high TG 255°resin, which better solve long time braking heating problems. And the carbon rims are available in 23mm, 25mm, 28mm width. The wider tires are becoming more and more popular in all disciplines of road bicycle rims. Besides, the 38 and 50mm depth have asymmetric type. This asymmetric profile rim with with offset spoke holes can better triangulate the spoke angle and balance the tension. Then this makes the wheel structure more stronger, stiffness, more compliant and reliable.