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When you see other people talking about the qulaity Chinese carbon wheel in the forum, you may want to try. And you may want to know a lot of questions. For example, is the Chinese carbon wheel safe? How to buy high-quality Chinese carbon wheels? What is the difference between branded carbon fiber wheels?

Is the Chinese wheel safe?

This is the first and most important question most people will ask. As a perennial practitioner engaged in the carbon fiber bicycle industry. Chinese carbon fiber bicycle wheels are very safe. But you need to pay attention to identifying and selecting companies with quality assurance when choosing to buy.

Do quality wheels provide a warranty?

Check if they often interact with customers on Facebook and Instagram. And pay attention to their reputation. If the above answers satisfy you, that is a qualified company you can consider.

Why are Chinese carbon fiber wheels safe? Because Chinese carbon fiber wheel manufacturers have rich OEM experience. They have manufactured many large, medium and small wheel brands in the market. Because the global carbon fiber bicycle market has nearly 80% of carbon fiber bicycle wheels and carbon fiber bicycle frames.

And carbon fiber bicycle accessories are all made in China. Among them there are big brands that you often see in the market.

carbon-wheelsTherefore, these production plants have accumulated a wealth of production experience. The quality is close to that of some brands, but the brand awareness is much worse.

Therefore, many European and American cyclists are worry about the safety of Chinese bicycle wheelsets. But because most of China is in factories. It is better at manufacturing products.

How are quality Chinese carbon wheelset made?

Because of the foundry experience of many major brands, most manufacturers have strict production technology and quality control.

The production process is as follows:

Design and research, draw 3D rim diagrams according to customer’s development requirements.

Make molds for the production of wheels.

Engineers laminated and made test samples according to the strength requirements of the rim.

Routine internal testing, the testing part includes (brake edge test, impact test, spoke hole tensile test, rim front pressure test), etc. The assembled wheel also needs to check whether the roundness and deflection of the wheel set are normal. The spoke tension is usually within the required range.

For example: Our 700C carbon wheelset is a worthy product. Among them: 60mm Carbon Tubular Wheel 25mm Width, 55mm Carbon Wheelset 700C Wholesale, etc. They are all worth recommending.

How to buy a Chinese carbon wheel?

Most Chinese companies have their own websites. For example, our Huami website. You can find them and send them an email with an email address.

Under normal circumstances, if there is a quality problem with the wheel set you have purchased. Please communicate with the seller in time, provide a picture of the bad product, and send it by email. They will deal with it promptly and provide after-sales service.

What is the difference between Chinese carbon fiber wheels and branded wheels?

If you want to get attention and your budget is sufficient, then you can consider buying a wheel from a big brand. Different from the big brand wheels, you can also customize your wheels, if you are interested, you can contact us.

What do I need to know about carbon wheels?

Before buying or customizing your wheels, you need to understand the specifications of bicycle wheels.

If you are on the road, you need to know whether you are road disc brakes or rim brakes.

Chinese carbon fiber bicycle wheels are not as worrying as some people on the Internet say. With the continuous optimization and innovation of manufacturing technology, Chinese carbon fiber bicycle wheels have been adopted, accepted and praised by more and more cyclists around the world. Huami is also working hard to let more bicycle enthusiasts use high-quality and economical Chinese carbon fiber wheels.

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