Racing carbon wheels-some tips for choose

For those who use racing carbon wheels, choosing the right wheel is very important for the competition. To be the best candidate in the competitive field, you must have the right equipment. So, how to choose a lightweight wheels that suits you? Today we share some tips to help you choose faster.

Advances in technology and design of carbon wheels

Technological advancements have played an important role in the development of today’s best racing wheels. The designer spent hours building carbon fiber rims. Reduce drag, increase speed, and optimize aerodynamic performance. They also continue to design ways to make wheels lighter and more durable to achieve better results.

Since there is no formula for making the best carbon rim shape. Designers have traditionally created a variety of rims and researched them in a wind tunnel to find the best rim.

Due to advances in computational fluid dynamics software. Bicycle wheels have become more aerodynamic, more stable in windy conditions, and cheaper for consumers. Compared with standard bicycle wheels. The racing wheels sold by our company can shorten the time of triathlon by 9 minutes.

lightweight-wheelsHigh-quality materials

The strength of the chain is determined by its important link. And bicycle wheels are no exception. Bicycle wheels are composed of various components, including carbon rims, hubs, spokes and spokes, all of which must be of high quality and assembled by experienced manufacturers. For a great product, look for bicycle wheels sold by companies that use only high-quality components.

Before purchasing a new package. You need to determine which variables are most important to you. Beginners and recreational athletes are likely to focus on good all-round aerodynamic carbon wheels, which can be used for training as well as competition. Look for lightweight wheels that are both durable and aerodynamic.

Experienced athletes and professional racers may have different wheels for different events and trainings. Time trial racers and experienced triathletes who want to maximize speed will most likely need a rear wheel.

When choosing racing lightweight wheels, all cyclists should consider the customer service that comes with the product. Be sure to check online reviews and communicate with your friends. And other athletes who may have the product you are evaluating.

For example: 700C 88mm Carbon Wheelset, Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset ect.

Once you have selected high-quality wheels that meet your specifications. You can be sure that these wheels are ready for the race.

Training day

Training for a game takes a lot of time and energy. So don’t waste it on important days due to any unpleasant accidents.

Since the carbon rims of racing wheels are usually deeper than those of recreational bicycle wheels. They handle differently in high wind conditions. Spend a lot of time training your new wheels. A lot of practice will help you adapt to the new ride and predict what will happen on the day of the race.

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