Right Carbon Road Rims-How to Choose it


Do you want to know how to choose the right carbon road rim? Such as carbon disc brake rims. In carbon road bikes, it is well known that narrower tires are faster than wider tires.

For many years, the default width of road bikes was 23 mm, and many racers used 21 mm or narrower tires.

Now the situation has changed. We have noticed that in recent years people have vigorously promoted wider tires and wider carbon road bicycle wheels. Many riders have converted it to 25 mm or wider.

Why do so many riders choose wider tires now? How should we choose the right rims? We will know after reading this article!

carbon-rimsChoose a wider carbon bike wheelset

Wider wheel composition is a new trend for racers. Choosing a wheel with the right width is conducive to your riding experience. Why a wider wheel set?

Wider tires have less rolling resistance

When pedaling, we all want our tires to roll as easily as possible, but the rolling resistance always loses a certain amount of energy. Every tire will bend where it touches the ground under load. This bend is determined by many factors: air pressure, tire width, compound used, and tire casing.

After considering the tire width, the next choice is what kind of rim to use.

Aerodynamics and deep section rims

In recent years, we have seen the evolution of road bike rims, of course carbon disc brake rims. They are getting wider on the outside and inside, so it is very important to match the cross-sectional profile of the tire.

You can even use deep-section rims for better aerodynamic advantages, because we all want to be faster riders. To this end, we will use all the help we can get. For carbon disc brake rims, our recommendation is 30mm 700C Disc Brake All Road Bicycle Rims, 700c Road 55mm Hookless Disc Carbon Rims etc.

Over the years, the wheel design has also been greatly improved, so riding deep rims has become easier to control power, and even long-term use of deep wheels can be used for riding.

Isn’t it better to use light-weight shallow section wheels for climbing?

This is very controversial: Yes, the deep wheels will be heavier and slower when climbing, but once you reach the other side of the climb, you will notice the difference in those deeper wheels. ……

Not all riders ride in the same conditions. Some riders ride in mixed terrain, occasionally climbing, and some spend a lot of time climbing. There are also riders who always ride on flat and undulating terrain, and speed is the priority. Let’s not forget that not all riders have the same reason for riding. Some are for the enjoyment of riding, some are for speed, and some are for completely different reasons. But for all types of riders, we have some good selection for you.


As a bike lover, what does all this mean to you? Choose what you think suits you! Do you like the feeling of riding a carbon road bike? Choose narrower tires and a set of beautiful wheels. Or do you prefer high-speed cruising, even if the road is bumpy, please choose wider tires. You can also consider carbon disc brake rims. In the final analysis, it all depends on your riding experience and what you want from riding. Finally, you can choose the right carbon road rims.

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