Road Bike Rims-How to choose the best for you


One of the best ways to upgrade a road bike is to invest in new road bike rims. In fact, the right road bike rims can do a good job. The characteristics of road bikes work best with good road bike rims. But what rims do you need? Tubeless? High side? Carbon fiber or aluminum?

A road bike wheelset may look like just one rim and a few spokes. However, there are many differences between road bike rims. It’s just that the difference between carbon and aluminum is already very big. In addition, when you buy a new road bike rim, there are many other important factors to be aware of…

For example, aerodynamics, materials, and weight play a very important role in confirming whether the rim is suitable for you.


What rim height do I need?

Road bike wheels with high rims not only look very beautiful. It also has aerodynamic characteristics. Rim height and aerodynamics are inseparable. The high rim can better guide the airflow. Therefore, the air resistance provided is smaller.

But not every rim height is suitable for cyclists. The higher the rim, the heavier it will also become. It is very important to find a good rim height that is aerodynamic but relatively light.

Higher rims also become more sensitive. Driving with very high rims or even closed rear wheels is much more difficult than professional riding. However, this is especially important for long-distance riding on flat or long downhill slopes.

Aluminum or carbon road bike rims?

Except for the rim height. The choice of aluminum or carbon fiber road bike rims is also important to many cyclists. Carbon has many advantages. But it also has price disadvantages.

Compared with aluminum road bike wheels. Carbon fiber road bike wheels have many advantages. First, carbon wheels are much lighter than aluminum wheels. In addition, they are also harder. The hard wheels provide better grip and more control.

The only real disadvantage of carbon wheels is the brake edge. Because carbon rim brakes have worse braking effect in bad weather. In mountainous areas, carbon can even become overheated during very long and steep downhills. But due to the introduction of disc brakes. This question is not difficult.

As a result, carbon fiber becomes more profitable. It doesn’t wear out anymore. Small parts such as brake discs or bearings or damaged spokes can always be replaced relatively cheaply. But the base, your carbon fiber self-propelled rim, “always” stay strong and good.

Therefore, when choosing carbon fiber or aluminum rims, you can completely focus on choosing the more expensive but stronger and lighter carbon fiber. Or cheaper but heavier and less rigid aluminum. In addition, when you choose the rim brake. You can choose to combine the two.

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