Road bikes carbon wheelset-for beginners


Some people say that although you can’t buy happiness, you can buy a carbon road bike or a road bikes carbon wheelset. Road cycling is an amazing sport-and you can do things on multiple levels. You can go for a jog, enjoy the scenery, or speed up your pace for aerobic exercise. Bicycles can seamlessly transition from entertainment to transportation, and it is an environmentally friendly activity.

In this article, we will introduce the basic knowledge of choosing road bikes carbon wheelset and bicycle clothing.

carbon-road-bikesChoosing road bike carbon wheelset

Road bikes are usually light and fast, and are designed for riding on paved roads. They usually have diagonal handlebars (although some have flat handles like mountain bikes) and slender 700c carbon fiber wheels. Our carbon fiber wheels combine lightweight construction, high rigidity, stability, comfort, aerodynamics and strong strength! Therefore, the full carbon fiber wheelset 700C ensures the perfect harmony between the rider, road bike and wheelset! Such as 30mm Carbon Wheels 700C, 38mm Carbon Tubular Wheels 700C etc.

When buying a bicycle, make sure it suits you.

There are several factors that affect your choice of bicycle, including how you plan to ride (leisure, competitive or commuting) and your budget, which will affect the quality of your bicycle components.

Learn more about how to choose a road bike in our article to choose the bike that suits you.

What to wear to ride a road bike

Not only need to be equipped with a good road bikes carbon wheelset, cycling clothes are also indispensable for novices. The road jersey fits snugly, so you can improve your aerodynamics and won’t flutter in the wind. It also aims to improve the comfort of the bicycle. Shirts were commonly used before the zipper adjustable ventilation, shoulder and arm sleeves designed to provide comfort forward, after the bag easy to carry, and the long cut on the back can be covered when riding. Cycling shorts, bib pants and leggings have enough elasticity to provide sufficient freedom of movement, and include a soft padded lining called suede to provide comfort to the saddle.

Typical bike cycling settings may include:

Moisture wicking bottom layer

A short sleeve jersey

Bicycle shorts, leggings or bibs

Fingerless gloves with palm rest

Arm and knee heater


Lightweight, stowable raincoat

This piece of equipment should be able to adapt to most weather conditions, but when the weather is cold, you need to wear full-finger gloves and overshoes, and replace the short-sleeved sweatshirt with a long-sleeved and/or softshell jacket. Look for clothing with reflective strips that will make you more eye-catching at night.

How to ride a carbon fiber road bicycle

Riding rhythm: As the terrain changes during riding, you need to change gears to maintain a stable rhythm. In most cases, pedaling at a speed of 80 to 100 revolutions per minute (rpm) is usually the most effective. When you turn the pedal at a faster or slower tempo, you will tire quickly. If you find it difficult to pedal at an average tempo, you may be riding too high-just shift to a lower gear. This is also true when you step too fast or encounter no resistance-it’s time to switch to a harder gear.

Stepping efficiency: Don’t just step on the pedal during the downstroke and then pull it up during the upstroke. When you pull your foot over the bottom of the stroke, imagine you “re-scrape the dirt off the bottom of the shoe.

Of course, for novices, the appropriate road bike carbon wheelset and wear are only factors, you can choose after browsing.

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