Global Shipping Guide

Shipping method Transit Time Need Tax
EMS 2-3 weeks
(4-5 weeks for Europe)
DHL 1-2 weeks Yes
DPD 2-3 weeks No
TNT 1-2 weeks Yes
UPS 1-2 weeks Yes
FedEx 1-2 weeks Yes
Please note:
1.The rating of cost is based on shipping in the most common situations. In case of discrepancy, the shipping cost shown on the checkout page should prevail.
2.TNT, DHL,Fedex and UPS are not listed as an option online, but you can contact us at [email protected] to make a special request and we can calculate the cost for you.



Affected by COVID-19, the transit time of international freight is more difficult to predict than usual. We will update this chart when necessary. If you are time sensitive, please contact us ([email protected]) for more detailed information about shipping to your country.

Once you receive the customs clearance notice or pay the customs clearance fee from the customs or shipping company, you can contact us to provide you with invoice documents or phone numbers to continue.


Carbon rims and wheelsets are relatively large but lightweight, so they are most cost effective with EMS. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive once shipped. Your local post company will handle the final delivery (USPS for US customers, Canada Post for Canadians etc.)


For most urgent orders, you could choose DHL. Delivery usually occurs within 5-7 days after the package has shipped. DHL is the fastest but also the most expensive shipping option we have.


DPD delivery way is the only one that the tax prepaid for orders shipping from China. You will not have to pay the customs tax or VAT cost. DPD delivery is mainly for customers from Europe, which will take 2 to 3 weeks.

     4.You could also choose TNT, UPS and FedEx express for your shipment.