Technical FAQ: No.2 Carbon Bicycle Rims 700C

[vc_row][vc_column][s7upf_information]Continue Huami week’s column. A reader wanna know whether any data on the life expectancy of carbon bike rims 650c/700c.


Part one.

As we are on the subject of carbon rims wheels construction and lifespan. I often share this interesting feedback from rims and wheels manufacture. It is about an article during conversation. Going on next decade, I reckon you might find the thought-provoking discussion. One,it is on rim weave’s patterns. The other one is symmetry or asymmetry of the carbon layup. Both of two factories catch every attention. Of course we can forward to view the different rim weave. Click it then view it carbon road bike clincher rims 700c.

Attention! That paired-spokes on rims design which he refers. There each pair of spokes through opposite sides of hubs. Then it’ll meet at the most same point on the rim. Rims get the even steady by this way. So the drilled spoke holes are in pairs near to each other. Contrasted with most rims wheels,there are uniform endurance spacing between every spoke. Conference by our series of products, carbon bicycle rims 700c.

Rather than tacking my comments below, I’ll mention it now here. It’s hard to figure out, which it’d approved, but why it happens. Right, his clincher rim’s width doesn’t increase with increasing tire pressure. When he wrote near the end of his letter. All carbon clincher rim walls outward as the pressure between them increases. So I have no idea really. Why wouldn’t his paired-spoke design be subject to the same “hinging”? Waiting the carbon road rims and wheels 700c to share with us.


Part two.

You shared some “deep thoughts” about 700c carbon deep section rims wheels. For your consideration, our 700c road carbon fiber rims with detailed picture to you check.

Your piece was spring and useful to the many reader. Respect my mind, I’d some old comments.

In summary, you did make some points as follows:

  • Deep section rims are vertically rigid.
  • Requiring few spokes but are laterally flexible.


Regarding point 1.

I think you should look at a carbon rims with fewer than 24 spokes. Nowadays, the frontal rims of most training team or rider have 16/18spokes. For relatively shallow rims, you also find them. In our product catalog, you can find 16/18/20-spokes with deep section rims.Welcome to read carbon bicycle rims 700c on our web.

On point 2.

Some lateral-deflection numbers have been valuable. They must be from your data base through all these years of your wheel testing.Lateral deflection can cause brake pad contact. But that has no pad contact riding mostly moderate style.This assures spoke tension variation through rims rotation under load is uniform. Not as you say. “Not uniform. Cuz the carbon fabric pieces’ layup isn’t the same at every spoke”.


More information about carbon bike rims 650c/700c,share with you and welcome to view production.[/s7upf_information][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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