Technical FAQ: The Lifespan, Carbon Road Rims

[vc_row][vc_column][s7upf_information]In this Huami week’s column, a reader wanna know whether any data on the life expectancy of road bicycle carbon rims 700c.


Dear Robert.

I’ve been riding your road bike carbon fiber clincher rims 700c on my two. (One 38mm depth and one 50mm depth.) It is, Road, since about 2018. I examine them for cracks regularly. Any data or recommendation on life expectancy for carbon rims or wheelset? I’m considering replacing them on age? My road carbon bike clincher rims, one 38mm depth, from Huami.

— Leonardo


Dear Leonardo.

Since carbon fiber essentially does not fatigue. As long as we don’t damage the carbon fiber and resin matrix. Age alone is not much of a guide for carbon material rim 700c. What matters’re impacts big enough to delaminate or crack some of fibers.

Here are some answers to your question. One from our manufacture that made your rims. The other from our technique department. That repairs damaged china carbon fiber rims 700c parts.

― Robert


From Huami.

This is a good question. One really merits explanation. The brief answer is that road carbon bike clincher rims 700c is expected to last. Until damaged it in a way. That will hurt the bond between resin and carbon fibers. One of the cool traits inherent to carbon fiber rims or wheelset is that. Fatigue memory don’t like aluminum fiber rims. This long-term durability relates to the rim’s construction quality and riding abuse. Not all carbon rims are created equal. When the rim’s strength over the rider’s ability to destroy it. The rim could last a lifetime really. However, Leonardo’s wheelset are likely to keep rolling strong for another decade.Upgrading while not required, will make him stronger, lighter, smoother riding wheelsets. Of course a better ride experience.
— Jimmy
Huami VP Product


From Composites Department.

Fatigue life on 700c carbon road rims and wheelset is a tough topic to answer. Carbon fiber materials can have an infinite fatigue life. But reality is much more complicated. Like the spoke tensions, riding styles, resin composition, and terrain… They can play a huge factor into the lifespan. I am working on characterizing our own data feedback from customers.

My normal maintenance routine of carbon rims and wheelsets clincher or else. I grab a spot flashlight. Partner looks over to look for anything suspicious. What I look at are spoke holes, spoke tension and the rim wall/hook area. Ensuring pillars are evenly and correctly tensioned. Manufacture is also focus that at the beginning. Spoke holes will show cracks that emanate from spoke holes. If nipple has exerted excessive stress on that area. Rims-or-wheelsets wall/hook’ll show damage from impact with the ground or else.


I have not tried some new tubeless foam insert systems. That now exist to protect the rims. But that might be something to consider using.So welcome forward everyone sharing riding experience about carbon cool terrain bike rim 700c.[/s7upf_information][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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