The Origin of Carbon Bicycle Rims 700c

[vc_row][vc_column][s7upf_information]Many riders know the expensive price of carbon fiber. Low-end carbon wheels also cost several hundred, and the high-end price is unlimited. Why is carbon bicycle rims so expensive?

Because carbon rims are a combination of a variety of carbon element materials. Moreover, the production process of carbon fiber is complicated. It’s made of composite materials like organic fibers and graphite crystallites. Therefore, the strength and weight of carbon rims are better than other rims’ materials.(Our bike carbon rims 700c clincher 38mm is coming,forward your viewing.)[/s7upf_information][s7upf_advertisement image=”1317″ size=”950*550″][/s7upf_advertisement][s7upf_information]

1.Piling Organic Fibers

The first is to pile organic fibers together. Press them together in the same direction or else with strong external force. Then put the stacked organic carbon fibers in a pre-ready mold. The production of the mold is done with concentration! Technicians need to put layers of superimposed carbon fiber into the mold.( 38mm Carbon Rims 700C 25mm Width Disc Brake For Road Bike ,introducing to you)


After the raw materials in the mold are placed. Place the mold and carbon fibers in the oven for high-temperature roasting. Until it shaped, the quality of bike rims’ material will be better. Both performance and hardness will be greatly increased.(Select the bicycle carbon rims 700c mode then use it)[/s7upf_information][s7upf_advertisement image=”1321″ size=”950*550″][/s7upf_advertisement][s7upf_information]


After molding, the next step is the drilling process. Drilling is a very careful process. Because different spoke holes’ numbers require to different punching data. If there is a slight mistake, then the previous efforts will be wasted.

Not only that, each hole has a precise angle. In this way, the intensity of drilling needs to be controlled.To ensure the products will not go wrong when used. In order not to cause the spokes to not fit in. It’s necessary to carefully measure the depth of each spoke hole. In this way, it can be used normally when installing hubs. (Check the 700c bike rims’ spoke holes, sure to good riding balance.)

4.Cleaning Surface

The perforated rim wheel set is then cleaning-surface. The treated carbon fiber can have a better surface. Then rinse it with solvent. That’s main purpose is to wash away excess impurities and carbon filaments. After rinsing, it is the drying operation. After drying, a thin layer of cortex will form on the surface of the wheel. It can protect the carbon. (We got bike carbon rims surface of UD/3K/12K/Twill Matte or Glossy afford to you select.)[/s7upf_information][s7upf_advertisement image=”1331″ size=”950*550″][/s7upf_advertisement][s7upf_information]

5.How To Make It Guarantee

After the above process is completed, we get the the finished rim. Product inspection is an indispensable process for every product. Check whether it can leave the factory or not. Whether each index meets the index. After various inspections and confirmations, finally rim produces in this way. We’ll share more details carbon fiber bike rims 700c with you.[/s7upf_information][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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