Upgrading carbon wheelset 700C performance

For some riders, the charm of upgrading carbon wheelset 700C is almost irresistible. In a words. Owning a 700C carbon wheelset can be excellent value for money.

When the bike owner considers upgrading. The bicycle owner is unable to start with the other parts of other vehicles. As with any other part of the bicycle. However, I have more questions about wheel upgrades. And what is surprising is that consumers are more informed.

Wheels performance

The popular demand for factory-made wheelsets has attracted the attention of consumers. Once the price that the buyer had to spend after obtaining the final product was very likely. There are now many different bits of off-the-shelf products whose detailed specifications can easy compare. In short, it is easier and more convenient to upgrade when there is time.

Sitting at the top of this market is like an exotic gem. Is carbon wheelset. The upgrade of carbon wheels is expected to improve the strength and performance of the rider.

The carbon fiber wheel market has undergone profound changes. In the past, manufacturers proved that the high price of carbon fiber wheel hubs was reasonable based on the cost of raw materials. And the amount of manufacturing research on the wheel profile of the creative ability. However, ten years of Asian growth and children’s technological development. Drives the growth of children’s brands and low-priced products.

carbon-wheelsetCarbon wheels to value

When upgrading carbon wheelset 700C. Recycling assembly materials is the main consideration. The focus of carbon composite materials is that the low weight. And high strength of the material are the main source of its purpose. In fact, the introduction of material recycling in 1990. Brought a major leap in composite material design and manufacturing.

Now there are now carbon wheels weighing less than 1,500 grams. Especially those with tubular shafts. The lightest wheelset can now weigh up to 1,000 grams.

Carbon wheelset also easily match the performance of aluminum equivalents. In terms of lateral and radial stiffness. At the same time. Carbon materials provide freedom in shaping the final product. Carbon wheel manufacturers have been able to improve their products with carbon fiber. This is a way that aluminum can never achieve.

Material. Weight. Stiffness. Rim width. Rim depth. And aerodynamics. There are the consideration factors for the wheel. Our manufacturer is try upgrading carbon wheelset 700C. In order to give consumers an good experience. Start with the above factors and continue to improve.

For example: 60mm carbon tube wheels 25mm wide. 55mm carbon tube wheels 700C and so on.

After the upgrade, the carbon wheels can be lighter and more rigid. Give riders a better riding fell.


Carbon wheels can provide consumers with many things. Especially bike riders who consider performance. Nowadays, upgrading carbon wheelset 700C are increase.

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