Using Bikes Carbon Rims-Pros and Cons


Using carbon rims is the mainstay of the modern road bike, triathlon and cross-country bike world. However. Recently, carbon fiber rims have also begun to gain popularity and popularity in the MTB race world. The modern body of carbon fiber is strong, durable, flexible and responsive. Carbon fiber is a material use to make rims suitable for racetracks. Lightweight and high-strength. Most cyclists like using carbon fiber rims. Whether you are a professional rider or a hobbyists. You can consider carbon fiber rims. Today, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of using carbon rims. So that you have a deeper understanding of bicycle components.

carbon-bike-rimsPros and cons of using carbon fiber rims

Many riders evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber rims. Some of the most common questions about carbon fiber MTB rims. Are they worth the extra cost? Are they as strong as aluminum rims? Will it be more difficult to install my wheels with carbon fiber rims? Hope we can break the record and determine the advantages and disadvantages of using carbon fiber rims on mountain bikes.

The pros of carbon bikes

The big advantage of using carbon fiber rims on wheels is that they cannot be as flat as aluminum rims. Under a huge sharp impact. The aluminum rim tends to be flat. Creating uneven spoke tension across the wheel.

When not damaged, the carbon fiber rim will always return to a round shape. This means that if constructed properly. The spoke tension should not change. This means that less time is spent correcting and re-tensioning the spokes after every two rides. And more time is spent on the road.

Although the design and manufacturing methods of all rims are quite different. Carbon fiber mountain bike rims still have the potential to be very strong and rigid. At the same time remain lightweight. It is much more difficult to achieve this characteristic when using aluminum rims. Using harder carbon fiber rims allows you-the rider-to corner corners harder and more confidently. And accelerate faster when cornering.

Because they are lighter. The use of carbon fiber rims reduces the effort required to reach higher speeds on straights. Whether it is a road or a mountain bike. Due to more aerodynamic characteristics. They can provide better performance. Less effort and friction. While achieving better results and less energy consumption.

The cons

One of the disadvantages of using carbon fiber rims is that they are unsafe to use when damaged. Once the carbon fiber rim is cracked or damaged. The user should remove and replace it immediately.

Another disadvantage of using carbon fiber rims is that they are more expensive than similar aluminum rims. Riders’ ability to invest in carbon fiber rims is certainly an essential way to consider. Especially for those with limited budgets.


In general, carbon rims are worth recommending. Whether it is a mountain bike or a road bicycle. If you are considering upgrading your bike components. You can consider carbon rims. Our recommendations are: 29 Carbon Rims MTB 33mm Width. Light 29 Carbon Rims XC Hookless Tubeless etc. For more recommendations. Please follow us.

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