Wholesale carbon rims/wheels

1.Variety types of the carbon rims & wheels.

For Road:
Different types: clincher/tubular/tubeless/hookless.
Different depth:24/30/35/44/45/47/50/55/60/88mm
Different width:23/25/28mm/30mm
Different terrain:pavement/dirt/gravel/CX
Different weaves:1K/3K/UD/12K/Marvel matte/glossy or custom appearance
Different weight:Standard/Flyweight/heavy carbon rims

For MTB:
Different types:Tubelss/hookless
Different depth:23.5/24.5/25mm etc.
Different width:30mm/32mm/33mm/36mm/37mm etc.
Different terrain:cross country/Trail/Enduro/downhill/Plus
Different weight:Standard/Flyweight/heavy carbon rims

For BMX:
Different types:clincher/tubeless
Different sizes:20inch BSD406 ,20inch BSD451, 24inch BSD507, 24inch BSD520, 14inch BSD254, 16inch 305, 16inch 349, 17inch 369, 18inch BSD355
Different depth:25/27/30/35/36/38/40/50mm
Different width:21/23/25/30mm

2.Small MOQ:

MOQ=1-2pcs. This is great for the company at the early stages of the business. Which can reduce your financial pressure. Besides, we can makes samples for you according to your requirements.

3.Competitive price with high quality.

Buying wholesale you will get a better price. Because with mass production, our cost will reduce and the price will be advantageous. We do have a strong factory. We do not only provide our customers with most affordable prices, but also focus on providing high quality.

4.Custom service

Custom the spokes holes angles according to your brand hub.
Custom logo design.
OEM carbon rims mould
Custom carbon wheel service: 100% handmade the carbon wheels with your prefer hub, spokes and nipples.

5.  3 years warranty

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