Wholesale carbon rims & wheelset


Wholesale carbon rims and wheels from Huami carbon.

Huami carbon is the wholesale carbon rim manufacturer, which have enough experience to help you run your bicycle business well. “Happy cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win” is our goal.

All the bicycle rims have made of high-performance full carbon Toray T700 & T800 material. For T1000 or other special material, please contact us at [email protected]

There are many types of carbon fiber rims available for wholesale. Including road bike rims, mountain bike rims and fat bike rims. You can choose carbon fiber rims with different depths and widths. You can wholesale carbon fiber rims at the factory price. But you need to tell us your specific needs, purchase quantity and your company information. Besides, Huami carbon has provides carbon fiber rims for various tires with suitable widths: 23mm, 25mm,28mm. Then the depths ranges from 30mm up to aero 88mm. For custom carbon wheels, pls click here.

Who can join our business plan?

  • As the owner of a bicycle shop
  • Have a cycling team and club
  • There are some friends, you share comments interest in bike.
  • Distributor/wholesaler in the bicycle field

More interested in our carbon fiber bicycle rims or wheels, want to do OEM business with us, and want to ask us help your brand design, we will be happy to help your business. Welcome the small merchants and wholesalers to be our partners.

The rules to wholesale the carbon rims & wheels.

  • Inquiry us the product information that you want to order, including: product name, QTY and the logo you want to print.
  • Confirm the payment method, delivery date and the samples we provide.
  • Having any other requirements for the carbon rims and wheels, please feel free to contact us.

What do we offer for the wholesale carbon rims & wheels.

1.Custom logo design:

Our Huami Carbon provides customized water logo or decal and painting on the carbon fiber rims according to your requirements to make the wheel a unique appearance.

  • Graphic design. For custom graphics or words on the rims, please tell us what font, what color and what is the style do you prefer. Or send us the picture or a rough draft to us via email. Our designer will help you to complete the graphic.
  • Descaling. Custom graphics/decals are applied on the carbon fiber rims. And then it will cover with a glossy or matte clear coating. Which makes the decals more durable but they are not removable.
  • To help create your own brand/logo on the carbon rims, pls send to our email: [email protected].

2.OEM carbon rims mould:

Huami carbon-wheel is a professional carbon fiber rim manufacturer dedicated to continuous improvement. Assist you in the development of OEM products, quality testing and manufacturing, and provide competitive OEM prices. We are proud with our honesty, quality and integrity. We have many long-term relationships with our existing customers around the world.

3.Holes on carbon rims:

The quality of the carbon rim hole is important. Because it affects the transmission of force, wheel tension and ease of construction.

  • Customized spoke hole angles.

All spoke hole angles have customized drilled according to the hub flange. This allows the nipple to pull in line with the spokes to reduce pressure. Then have fewer broken spokes and nipples. The drilled holes have checked to ensure that they are free of burrs. Smooth drilling is a distinctive feature of our rims. Customized drilling patterns and unique carbon wheel, please contact us.

  • Carbon Rim Spoke Acess Holes: Easy spoke lacing

Drill access holes in the rim base/center channel to connect the threaded nipples to the spokes through the rim. The correct hole type is set, the wheel can also be manufactured according to the outer diameter of the wheel. We drill centered, offset or staggered hole patterns according to the rim type. Some customers prefer to use without hole patterns. For this tubeless rim, tubeless tape is not needed, but it makes wheel manufacturing more challenging.

  • Internal or external nipples

Are the internal nipples better? The internal nipples spoke hole diameter is 2.5mm. So fewer carbon fibers are drilled and interrupted, then the hole is less likely to break. The external nipple spoke hole diameter is 4.5mm. And the area around the external threaded hole has reinforced. But the increase in the strength of the rim is not obvious. The internal nipples are also considered to be more aerodynamic than the external nipples. However, the maintenance of internal nipples is challenging. When trimming the wheel, the tire and rim tape must be removed to adjust the nipples.

For internal nipples, have two tips: one, use them for deep rims-more than 25 mm deep; second, don’t pair internal nipples with tubeless rims-this may drive wheelbuilder crazy.


  • Drain hole: drain water

Some rims on the market have drainage holes, which are usually 90°/180° from the valve. These holes are designed to use the centrifugal force of the wheels to evacuate water. Although not required, the 2.5 mm hole can help reduce the amount of water that may accumulate in the rim while riding. We do not add these holes as standard, but if you specify when ordering, we can reinforce the area and add two such holes on each rim.

Any other questions of the hole drilling custom service, send email to [email protected]


4.Different weight of carbon rims:

There are three different weight types of the carbon rims. Standard weight carbon rims, Flyweight carbon rims and Heavy design weight carbon rims. Standard, Flyweight and Heavy carbon rims have different types of layup styles. As there are many different types of riders, terrains, events and sub-disciplines, we need to fine-tune our rims to better suit your situation. This is not as simple as changing the weight of the rim by adding or removing carbon layers. The whole layup needs to be redesigned to make sure the strength and riding characteristics are suitable for a given discipline.

  • Standard carbon rims.

The standard carbon rims are suitable for middleweight riders. It is suit for most riding types, such as the XC, road, all-mountain, general trail riding and even light endurance races. The standard carbon rims has constructed with Toray T700 and make with our standard layup. Toray T700 achieves a good balance between stiffness, weight and strength, making it an excellent choice for high-value rims.

  •  Flyweight carbon rims

The flyweight carbon rims are suitable for road paving, cross country and XC marathon riders or those who want to build the lightest carbon wheels. This carbon fiber rims material is the combination of the Toray T700 and T800 material. The  carbon flyweight rim is incredible lightweight without compromises in the strength and stiffness. They have made with different layup.

  •  Heavy design carbon rims

This heavy design carbon rims are suitable for rider who over 220 pounds or aggressive rider. The heavy carbon rims version, where we have added material in some key areas and redesigned the angle on our standard layup. The biggest change is the addition of a layer of carbon wrapped around the airbag, in the opposite direction to the previous wrapping. Then it has a great increase in overall strength, wall thickness and stiffness. These rims are more suitable for heavy-duty applications. Because they can handle external forces, rock wear and compression better than our lightweight rims. Generally speaking, HD rims are about 50 grams more than standard rims, but the rim diameters including the required spoke length of the two styles are the same.

5.Different carbon fiber weaves

We have produced the carbon rims with the most popular carbon fiber weaves: 3K/UD/Marble. We do also have 12K weave. Wanting a weave pattern observable from a distance, then the 12K is a good choice for you. Apart from the decussated weave, 3K and 12K twill weaves are now available. We do have two rim finishes: matte and glossy finish.


What is the advantages of the wholesale carbon rims and carbon wheels?

  • Have better price range.

Without doubt, the biggest benefits of buying wholesale in bulk is that your budget will be easier. We have a strong factory, an independent design team, and sample warehouses. Because we choose mass production, our cost is reduced and the price is very advantageous.

  • Save time and energy

If you only buy what you need at a time, you have to keep coming back to get more. Time is very important as the money. On the other hand, wholesale buying allows you to store you need in bulk. This is not only help you save money but also save you a lot time and energy. Moreover, you can avoid the stress that caused by running out of the rims or wheels.

  • High quality guarantee

The wholesalers not only provide with the most affordable prices, but also providing high quality products. For wholesale business, most of the products come directly from the factory. In addition, it is in great high quality level.

In short, we have combined design, sample development, manufacturing, logistics etc to make sure all the products can realized in the most effective process. If you are looking for a trusted wholesale manufacturer and supplier, we will be the best choice for you. Our Team are waiting for the cooperation with you in the near future.

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