Wholesale carbon wheelset 700C introduction

For Chinese carbon wheels. Wholesale carbon wheelset 700C and 650B carbon wheels have always been hot spots.

The mentality in the past was that only people sitting outside the standard height could ride smaller wheels. But in recent years, they have spread to other places: gravel riding and female frames. Can you choose a smaller wheel size to better suit your needs?

Wholesale carbon wheels for gravel riders

A few years ago, mountain bikes changed from 26-inch wheels to 29-inch wheels the 650b is a very popular middle ground. Now that road bikes are beginning to get involve off-road. The trend seems to be conducive to shrinking the size from the traditional 700c (rim diameter and 29 inches) to 650b (27.5 inches).

The obvious change in wheel size preference doesn’t seem to make much sense. Unless you consider the fact that road riders who ride gravel and mountain riders who like rough trails go off-road in very different ways.

Skidding in 650b carbon wheels with larger capacity tires allows gravel riders to get extra squeeze without sacrificing geometry. Such as long chainstays or slack head angles. Just like installing the same big wheel around the tires are the same as 700c wheels, because the diameter of the 700c rim with road tires is about the same as the diameter of the 650b rim with high-capacity tires.

carbon-wheelsMountain bikes

In terms of mountain bikes, the 29er is consider a fast and stable choice. The 650b is a more flexible and interesting choice. Similarly on the road, riders who choose 700c may want the speed and stability of larger wheels. Riders looking for smaller wheel sizes may be looking for the comfort of running wider tires, gaining more traction or more fun method.

Mountain bikers are quite open in terms of stacking, stretching, longer wheelbases, and looser head tube angles than traditional road riders are used to… 650B wheels give riders the opportunity to maintain the geographical advantage of road bikes and get involved in this new world.

From the line between the lines, in terms of simple performance. You might be better off using a hard-tail mountain bike. However, if you are riding on the road, or just like the handling of a road bike. Then the 650b may be more interesting.

Such as: 650B Carbon Rim Hookless Tubeless Ready. 30mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset 700C 25mm Width UD Matte.

650B road carbon wheels

When it comes to the small size, if you use 700c carbon wheels. You still need to keep a certain distance between the two wheels and between the crank and the front wheel to make it easy to ride. So you will eventually relax the head angle and increase the tilt of the fork. This will push the front wheel out again, which solves the problem. But it affects the feel of the bike and affects the consistency of handling.

By using small wheels, you can get extra space, the size range is increased. And the consistency between sizes remains the same.

If you are riding off-road and comfort is important, there are few real disadvantages to trying to pair smaller wheels with larger diameter tires. Just make sure you still have enough space to remove the mud.

Most road bikers can use wholesale carbon wheelset 700C road bikes. However, smaller riders who find themselves having difficulty getting comfortable, lack of aerodynamic power, or having to make changes to the 700c bike (such as using a negative handle or a very short stem) may benefit from jumping on the 650b wheels. However, please choose according to the size guide and try before buying.

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