Wholesale Carbon Wheels Production Process


Do you know the process of wholesale carbon wheels production? Your bicycle wheel is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. It is the only point of contact when we ride. If you want to make major upgrades to your bicycle wheels, carbon wheelsets are the best choice. More importantly, the best way to improve the riding experience is carbon fiber wheelsets. Ask any professional rider, they are all riding on a set of beautiful carbon rims. In this article, we want to explain as simply as possible how we make wheels.

For most of us, carbon fiber manufacturing is a mystery, but for good reason. The company has invested a lot of resources and development in its own proprietary technology. And this is what we do. We are always looking for ways to develop new processes and provide you, our customers with better new products.

carbon-wheelsWhat is carbon wheels?

The carbon fiber rim consists of two parts: carbon fiber and epoxy resin. When forming a carbon fiber wheel, the pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheet is placed in the mold. Prepreg is coarse carbon fiber impregnate with epoxy resin.

Carbon fiber has many advantages: high stiffness, low weight, high chemical resistance, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion.

How are wholesale carbon wheels made?

The first step is to design the rim in our special 3D program. Here, We can already calculate the amount of carbon fiber used and the shape of the laying carbon fiber.

We purchase the highest quality carbon fiber sheet, which is also call prepreg carbon. Prepreg is coarse carbon fiber impregnated with epoxy resin. The second item we purchase specifically is high-quality airbags. We chose these airbags because they can produce smoother edge walls. Our testers strictly inspect each batch of raw materials to find any abnormalities.

Our monitoring

The next step is to cut the prepreg to the required length, shape and angle and lay the carbon fiber in our customized mold.

In this process, accuracy is the key, so experienced manual workers complete the layering. And all wheel sets we provide have their own laying schedules and need to carefully laid.

The next stage will bring our wheelsets to life: thermoforming.

We must solidify the carbon at a very specific temperature. At the same time, we must control the temperature to give it strength.

We performed a second quality control on the rim. Ensure that all holes are properly drilled and the rim surface is still intact. At this stage, we will also check the roundness and flatness of the wheels.

In the next stage, our rims are ready to visit our painting workshop. And the paint covers and protects the carbon. In a word, our experienced staff will smooth out any small irregularities and apply special treatment to the rim surface.

In the final stage of manufacturing, after the paint and decal process, the wheels really come to life. Our wheel manufacturer performs manual strapping and trimming for final quality control. Our wheels have undergone the last rigorous test: forward stiffness test, lateral stiffness test, impact test, comply with all ISO standards and more.


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I hope we enlighten you. And you have some understanding of our wholesale carbon wheels production process.

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