Wider Carbon MTB Rims


When we assemble bicycles, some of the more common questions are “What are the benefits of having wider MTB carbon rims?” “What is the difference between wider rims and normal bike rims?” With the rise of wider rims? The bicycle industry is really developing towards large-size rims. We think we will give you a brief introduction about the benefits of using wide rims.

carbon-rimsWider carbon rims

Riding on wider carbon rims has some advantages. Such as better traction, riding quality, rolling resistance, stability, and in some cases weight. Most people ignore this, but the tires are another part of the suspension. Depending on your running pressure, your tires can provide you with an inch or two of extra suspension on impact. When using wider rims, you increase the amount of air, which makes the ride more stable because the bottom of the tire is now wider. This allows the rider to gain more control while making their suspension a bit stiffer without losing the excellent riding feel.

As mentioned above, now that your tire has a wider base due to the increased rim width. It will make greater contact with the tire on the ground. When you use the same tire and install it on a wider rim, your tire is no longer round. But more square, which will cause more ground pedaling and make your turning knob and riding. The line surface touches more uniformly. In addition to cornering traction, wider rims also have great benefits when climbing hills. Thanks to the greater amount of air in the tires. You can run at lower pressures and thus get better traction when climbing hills!

The benefits

The last few benefits provided by wider rims are excellent stability and rolling resistance. With a narrower rim with 2.35 or 2.4 tires, the sidewalls are much higher than when mounted on a wider rim. The disadvantage of thinner rims and higher sidewalls is that when subjected to greater lateral force. The tire is easier to fold and/or separate from the rim, resulting in a sudden drop in air pressure, known as “hiccups on tubeless tires” “Set the wheel. Using wider rims can greatly reduce the chance of tire “hiccups”.

When it comes to rolling resistance, you can have some play space due to more air volume. It turns out that you can reduce the pressure of 3 psi by 3 psi while maintaining the same rolling resistance while gaining traction. Having said that, technically speaking, you will get better rolling resistance when running a wider rim because you can run a lower tire pressure, which actually causes more resistance, but because of the more air volume large. You can maintain the same scroll speed.

Although most people are interested in wide carbon rims nowadays. Ordinary carbon rims can still work normally and will always be useful as long as someone remembers them. As long as you ride a bike outside and have fun, that’s the most important thing. Because that’s what riding wider carbon MTB rims means!

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